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      1. 關于我們

        Dominated by Weihai Municipal Government and approved by Weihai Municipal Education Bureau, Weihai Experimental Foreign Language School (hereinafter referred to as the “school”) was founded in 2016. The school is a full-time private senior high school supported by the government and managed by the famous education group in our country. The school’s sponsor is Weihai State-owned Capital Operation Co., Ltd. with the registered capital of 3 billion yuan.

        Weihai Municipal Government is committed to building a city which is suitable to live, invest, travel and study. The school was founded in response to improving the internationalization level of senior high school education in Weihai under this strategic background. Combined with the managing experience of former international departments in Weihai No.1 High School, Weihai No.2 High School and Weihai No.4 High School, the school develops a new international curriculum system which blends the Chinese and foreign educational patterns. The system is aimed at cultivating the students’ core competencies needed in 21st century (ability to communicate, critical thinking, innovation and creativity, self-directed learning ability, ability to cooperate, leadership and so on) and fostering citizens of the world with Chinese feelings.

        The school’s international curriculum system is integrated with some advanced contents and theories of basic education in America and Canada, such as career education courses, STEAM curriculum system (STEAM refers to science, technology, engineering, arts and math respectively) and its corresponding teaching methods (PBL—project-based learning, IBL—issue-based learning, CBL—community-based learning and Hands-on Learning—practice-based learning). The school strives to enable students to understand the learning purposes in the process of learning, and turn the knowledge to their own wisdom by improving their application ability of knowledge. The school recruited a number of excellent teaching administrative staffs from the whole country. Besides, the school interviewed and selected a number of outstanding teachers of different disciplines from Weihai No.1 High School, Weihai No.2 High School with the support of Weihai Municipal Education Bureau. In order to guarantee that the teaching of international integrated curriculum can be implemented perfectly, the school also introduced a group of superior foreign teachers through the Canadian Bureau for International Education and American partner schools at the same time.

        Weihai Experimental Foreign Language School will consistently insist on seeing it as its mission to cultivate the students who can promote the social development and meet the social demand in the future. Moreover, the school will form its own characteristics of running the school and further advance the educational internationalization in Weihai.